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Check out some of my services and pick your favorite style!

Whether you're just starting or just trying to get your locs retwisted. Let me help you get the right service that you need. 

Retwist w/ Simple Style 

Retwist w/ No Style  

Free Consultation

Starter Locs
( Two Strand Twists)

Starter Locs ( Comb Coils)

Instant Locs 

Retwist w/ Shape-Up

Retwist w/ Style Of Choice

Two Strand Twists
( Mircoloc Starters)

Invisible Locs 

Loc Styling 

Shampoo And Conditioning


ACV Detox


Loc Trimming(Starters)


Child Loc & Braiding Services   

Starter Locs- $100+
Basic Retwist w/ NO STYLE- $75+
Basic Retwist w/ Simple Style- $90+ 
Natural Services (No hair added)- $75+
Knotless Braids (Hair Included)-$140+ 

Barbering Services

Kid Cuts (12 And Under)- $25
Shape Up-$35+ 
Taper- $45+

Extensive Loc Work


Microloc Retwist w/ No Style-$135+
Micro Loc Retwist w/ Simple Style-$165+
Micro Loc Retwist w/ Style Of Choice -$190+
Loc Combing-$250+
Loc Extensions-$300+
Loc Repairs-$50+
Loc Reattachments-$25+
Loc Restoration- $300+
Loc/Retwist Removal- $250+ 



Interloc Crochet Service 


Loc Extension Retightening-$135+
Interlock Microloc Starter Loc-$550+
Interlocking (Retightening)- $140+ 
Crochet Maintenance-




Coloring Services 


Root touch up-$75+

Single Process Color-$125+

Double Pressed Color-$150+ 

Loc Highlights/ Low Lights- $85+

Color And Lighten (Tips)- $90+

Color Correction- $150+ 



Natural Hair Services 

Comb Coils (No Starter Locs)- $90+
Box Braids (No Hair Added)- $95+
Two Strand Rope Twists- $100+
Two Strand Twists- $125+
Cornrows- $75+



Braiding Services(Hair Included)


Invisible Locs- $185+
Bantu Knots- $75+
Knotless Braids- $165+
Box Braids- $185+


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